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The graph on the cohort effect of the Spanish flu is fascinating!

"You can see, for example, a clear red diagonal line from around 1918. This line shows that people born during the Spanish flu pandemic had much higher risks of death across their whole lifetimes than people born just before or after it."

Do we know if the effect is due to, e.g., babies being born to mothers who had the flu, or babies having the flu in their first year, or just the general unhealthy environment in their first year? I guess I am surprised to see an effect that is so much stronger for those born in 1918 compared to those born in 1917?

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Very nice collection of articles; each one covers an interest of mine! Will use your post in a post of my own, if you don't mind. Of course, attributing you properly :-)

The info on vaccines is so useful, particularly in the US where the anti-vax movement has gained very strong backing these days. Nuanced commenters like Dr Vinay Prasad seem to forget the short attention span of even scientifically literate peeps and IMO are inadvertently contributing to the anti-vax sentiment in the US. Would like to hear your take on this?

Very puzzling that the cohort effect visualization didn't include 2020, 2021. Would have appreciated seeing 'our' pandemic in perspective.

Lastly, wanted to point out that Illumina is finally getting some competition in NGS besides PacBio and Oxoford Nanopore


My particular interest is why they think that the best marker for schizophrenia is genetic; I have the impression that there are some good markers using EEG. I will post about it at some point.

Please feel free to delete this. I was just very impressed by your post.

Thanks for sharing , cheers.

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This is the best science newsletter. I'm excited I found your Substack! Thanks for publishing and sharing the knowledge.

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