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It seems to me that the most successful bloggers (Astral Codex Ten and Freddie deBoer for example) are people who possess the rare talent to write readable texts without much editing at all. The rest of us need some kind of strategy. Thank you for sharing a bit of yours!

Personally I have some hopes that AI will help us writing better texts.


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I enjoyed this read very much especially being someone who is always looking to better my writing skills.

Is there any other recommendations for substack pages that speak on this topic?

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I loved Pinker's The Sense of Style! Nice post, especially liked your point of how nuance can be the focus.

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"necessarily interchangeable because synonyms have slightly different connotations."

True, but readers don't always understand those different connotations. Better to break out the meaning into smaller words.

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Glad I found your newsletter - I am a scientist who just started writing online, and these tips are very helpful. I also use "Our World in Data" extensively in my newsletter, so its crazy how much high quality information is available in a non-profit project. Awesome work. Any tips on how to find an audience as a new writer?

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Totally resonate with point#2. I have started to adapt writing in a way I like to read. I enjoy reading about something if it is easy to consume. Hence, I try to explain stuff like am sharing it with a 5 year old. Experimenting, iterating and working on the feedback has helped.

Thank you for sharing your insights.

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